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Liquid Aeration in Maine

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Often at the end of the season, our grass can take on a slightly ragged look, despite regular watering, fertilizing, and care. This is usually due to the soil becoming hard and compacted due to foot traffic, mowing, and harsh weather. When your grass gets like this, it's time for liquid aeration. Liquid aeration can give your grass a helpful pick-me-up and prepare it for next year’s growing season! 

Common Signs Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Aeration can really bring your lawn back to life. Often we think that our lawn is suffering from a disease or insect infestation when the root cause is that our soil has become compact.

Signs your lawn needs liquid aeration:

  • Areas of heavy foot traffic have become brown and dry.
  • The soil in your lawn physically feels hard.
  • Water is pooling on your lawn, or running off, rather than absorbing.
  • Your grass seems to be struggling to fight off weeds and disease.
  • Your grass is laden with thatch, the yellow layer of dead grass that accumulates at the top of the soil.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, or it just seems your lawn lacks a little luster, liquid aeration is likely the solution! 

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How Does Liquid Aeration Help My Lawn?

Your grass grows best when the soil in which it’s rooted is soft and thriving with microbial life. But a normal year will cause your soil to grow compacted, which stifles root growth by preventing key nutrients from reaching your grass’s roots. Hard soil also makes it more difficult for grass roots to push through the compacted dirt, which doesn’t help anything! Liquid aeration relies on a special formula to break up your soil and spur growth.

Aeration benefits include:

  • Allowing air and water to reach your grass’s roots.
  • Helping the roots of your lawn grow deeper.
  • Increasing the water your grass takes in.
  • Reducing pools of water after rain.
  • Helping your grass naturally outcompete weeds and resilience to disease.
  • Breaking down thatch that impedes your grass’s access to nutrients.

It’s hard to overstate how important aeration service is to the health of your grass. If you and your family use your lawn heavily (which we hope you do!) you may need to aerate more frequently than if it is mostly an ornamental lawn. 

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What's The Difference Between Liquid Aeration vs. Core Aeration?

For folks who are familiar with lawn aeration, they think of a big machine that punches thousands of small holes in your lawn to aerate it. This technique is called “core aeration” and has been the traditional way to aerate lawns for decades. But liquid aeration has all the benefits of core aeration with a whole lot less hassle.

We prefer liquid aeration to core aeration because it:

  • Requires no heavy equipment.
  • Is quicker than core aeration.
  • Is quieter than core aeration, only requiring a hose.
  • Liquid aeration is far less labor-intensive.
  • Liquid aeration doesn’t run the risk of damaging sprinkler heads or invisible electric dog fences.

A healthy, ideal soil is 50% open space, or pores, that air and water can fill to distribute oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, and other nutrients. Liquid aeration filters down into your soil, creating this porous consistency that helps your grass to thrive. We stand by liquid aeration because of its effectiveness and simplicity in restoring the vibrancy of your lawn.

You’ll Love the Results

We know you’ll be happy with the work we do because we back every service with our no-nonsense guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll be back to re-service your lawn at no additional cost to you. That’s how you can be certain you’ll get what you came to us for. 

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