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If you are searching for lawn technicians who service your home as if it were theirs, The Turf Doctor offers you just that! We're a locally owned lawn care company with a combined 75+ years of experience. Take a step closer to the yard of your dreams with our customizable lawn care services.

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Lawn Care in Maine

Mother and daughter playing outside in Maine. The yard is green and healthy. They use The Turf Doctor for lawn care in Maine.


Here at The Turf Doctor, we provide lawn care that offers hassle-free services, open communication, and detailed treatment processes. Our lawn technicians focus on details and customizing services to better fit the customer. If you’ve been struggling to upkeep a healthy turf, team up with The Turf Doctor today!

Customizable Lawn Care

When you let one of our professional lawn technicians service your property, we will work with you to customize a plan that fits your budget and expectations. Our team will also determine what treatments will work best when it comes to your location and desires. With close attention to detail and customizable services, our lawn care guarantees results.

Here’s what we typically include with our lawn care program:

  • A thorough inspection of your yard, every time we come to your property.
  • Customize an organic-based blend of phosphorus-free fertilizer treatments.
  • Recurring visits 
  • Weed control
  • Insect control
  • Lawn renovation and liquid aeration 
  • Grub control & protection
  • Free pH soil test
  • A no-nonsense guarantee
  • And more!​

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Check Out Our Lawn Care Packages

Over the past 20 years, we have developed multiple programs that are fully customizable, based on your lawn, budget, and goals. When you sign up for one of our lawn care programs in Maine, you can rest assured that your lawn will receive everything it needs to remain healthy.

Platinum Package

This package offers everything you need for a beautiful lawn regardless of its current condition. Our Platinum Care Package features proprietary custom blends of organic-based fertilizer. This custom organic-based fertilizer blend produces a beautiful, lush green turf while increasing the organic content in the soil. The improved soil profile provides a better base for consistent color, better disease resistance, stronger root system, and increased drought tolerance.

Our Platinum Care Package provides complete lawn care to make your lawn healthy, including:

  • 5 fertilizer treatments featuring our custom organic-based blend
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Surface feeding insect control
  • Season-long preventative grub protection
  • Pre-emergent crabgrass reducer
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free service calls
  • Free pH soil test

Organic Lawn Care Package

Our Organic Turf Care Package is a 5-application program using no controlled products, only premium organic slow-release fertilizers. By incorporating a comprehensive soil test, this program was designed to strengthen not only the turf but the soil as well. Using only organic fertilizers and soil amendments, our goal is to fortify the turf to become more resistant to disease and insect invasion.

Organic + Rx Package

We designed this program for the busy family who is frequently using their lawns and don’t want to wonder if it is safe for their children or pets to go out on the lawn after we treated the property. On the first treatment of the year, we will make a custom liquid application that includes a slow-release fertilizer, selective broadleaf weed control, pre-emergent crabgrass reducer, and preventive grub control. This treatment, in essence, gets all the pests out of the way in one application. All remaining applications include premium organic fertilizer. 

Lawn Renovation

Your yard is a living and breathing organism—this means it needs the proper nutrients in order to grow and be the healthiest, most beautiful yard it can be. Lawn renovation ensures your soil can absorb nutrients, water, and sunlight. 

Our lawn renovation program includes:

  • Overlapping aeration multiple times, loosening the soil for optimal seed contact.
  • Seeding in the fall. 
  • Raking the soil in order to improve the seed-to-soil contact.
  • Lawn fertilization, giving the newly planted seeds the best opportunity to thrive.

Grub Control

Beetle larva, more commonly known as grubs, are the white, C-shaped insects you may see in your yard. They live underground, so you may not know you have a grub infestation unless you see dead patches in your grass or your yard feels spongy. If you suspect grubs, pull back the turf—if the grass pulls up easily (almost like new sod), you may find white grubs in the top inch of the soil.

Signs of Grubs in Your Yard

Grubs are more common in the mid-to-late summer months, as that's when most beetles lay their eggs. Keep an eye out for these pests in the fall and spring, as they return to the surface as it gets warmer outside to lay their own eggs. Another sign you may have grubs are moles, skunks, raccoons, or other wildlife creatures as they feast on grubs.  

We offer two types of grub control services:

  • Year-long grub prevention, preventing existing grub eggs from hatching throughout the season. This is applied with our Early Spring Pre-Emergent Application.
  • Curative grub control for existing grubs. This can be applied any time throughout the year, and it may be repeated.

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Weed Control

Tired of pulling weeds? Who isn't! With our weed control, known as our vegetation management program, The Turf Doctor can provide season-long control of unwanted grasses and weeds. This program is perfect for mulch beds, crushed stone walkways, driveways, cracks in asphalt and concrete, ditches, fence lines, patios, and sidewalks.

The Most Common Weeds in Maine

While it can take up to an entire summer to fully eradicate weeds, The Turf Doctor guarantees results starting in a week. Our technicians are highly trained and up-to-date on the latest treatments. We use pre-emergent weed control for grassy weeds and post-emergent weed control for broadleaf weeds.

Our weed control includes treatment for the following weeds and grasses:

  • Broadleaf—chickweeds, dandelions, spurges.
  • Grassy weeds—crabgrass and foxtails.
  • Nutsedge
  • And other undesirable grasses!

Our No-Nonsense Guarantee

We understand how tiring it is to research a lawn care company just to pay for services that don't give you results. We have worked hard to distinguish ourselves from other companies by providing exceptional customer service and customization of our treatments. We’re so confident in the services our technicians provide that we offer a no-nonsense guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with our services, let us know and we will come back to make it right!  

75+ Combined Years Providing Lawn Care in Maine

With a combined 76 years of management experience in the industry, our lawn technicians have the knowledge and training needed to provide all of our customers with top-of-the-line lawn care. We also offer pest control to complement our lawn services! 

We provide services in the following areas:

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