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The Best Lawn Care in Camden
If you’re searching for a way to step up your curb appeal, look no further than The Turf Doctor! Our customized lawn care in Camden works from the roots up, giving you the beautiful, healthy turf you deserve.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With the Turf Doctor guarantee, our promise to you is if you’re not 100% satisfied – we’ll make it right!​

Knowledge & Experience

With a combined 75 years of experience, our team is prepared for any lawn or pest services you might need!

Professional Technicians

Our highly trained and clean-cut staff take every opportunity to go the extra mile to make our customers happy!

I have used multiple lawn care companies over the years but two years ago made a decision to hire The Turf Doctor and it was the best decision I made as my lawn has never looked as good as it does now.


Lawn Care in Camden

Between countless fertilizer options, random brown patches that just won’t go away, and remembering to treat consistently, lawn care can be hard. That’s why we’re here! It’s our job to take away the confusion and do the dirty work so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new yard. Our lawn treatments are comprehensive, offering everything from pH tests on your soil to protection from grubs. Our hassle-free services will have your lawn at its best in no time! Get the best Southern Main lawn care

Our lawn care typically includes:

  • Lawn treatment with a custom blend of organic-based, phosphorus-free fertilizers
  • Recurring visits
  • Weed control
  • Lawn renovation
  • Grub control and prevention
  • Lawn disease and pest control
  • Free service calls
  • 100% no-nonsense guarantee!
  • And more!​

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Organic-Based Options You'll Love

We know how important organic options are for lawn care in Camden, which is why we offer our Organic Turf Care Package. This option promotes a healthier yard that’s more resistant to insects and diseases solely through the use of organic fertilizers and soil amendments, not controlled products. Our fertilizers are premium and slow-releasing, strengthening both your soil and turf. When you choose The Turf Doctor for your lawn care in Camden, you can feel confident you’re getting safe, effective treatment.

Liquid Aeration in Camden

Is your well-used lawn showing signs of wear and tear? If the grass you tread the most is brown and dry or your turf is just plain struggling despite your best efforts, it may be time for aeration treatment. Over time, soil gets compacted as we enjoy our lawn and weather takes its toll. Compaction makes it more difficult for the roots of your turf to soak up the water and nutrients it needs. Turf Doctor offers liquid aeration, a method that loosens soil on a chemical level for a non-invasive treatment with amazing results.

When you call Turf Doctor for liquid aeration in Camden, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Fuller, more lush grass.
  • Healthier, hardier grass that is more resistant to disease.
  • Yellowed and dry areas break down.
  • Reduced water pooling after rain.
  • Improved soil where nutrients, water, and roots can flow more freely.

If you’re ready to get your lawn back to its glory days, call the professionals at Turf Doctor to schedule liquid aeration treatment.

Grub Control in Camden

For those with any grub problem, look no further than us here at the Turf Doctor! For over seventy years, we've set the industry standard for grub control services in Camden. A grub infestation can be tough to spot as they live underground but the brown patches they cause to your yard are easy to spot. We treat for grubs and make sure they’re gone for good. You may have grubs if you have spongy turf, raccoons, and other wildlife digging at your lawn or brown spots on your grass.  

Our two grub control options include:

  • Early spring pre-emergent application for year-round protection that eliminates grub eggs before they hatch.
  • As-needed spot treatments.

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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

We also proudly offer a no-nonsense guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with our lawn treatment, simply let us know! We’ll gladly return and do what’s necessary to fix the problem⁠—that’s our promise to you!

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