Deer Mouse

White belly, brown on top, big eyes and large ears. The deer mouse is common in rural settings.

Norway Rat

Brown in color, with small ears and eyes, the Norway rat is large, strong and aggressive.


Uniformly brown in color, with a short tail, small ears and beady eyes, the vole loves to dine on all things plant-related (gardens and flower beds).

White Footed Mouse

White belly, gray on top, big eyes and large ears. The white footed mouse is the most numerous and is the “number one” rodent pest.

Tools of the Trade

Rodents possess incisors that grow continuously throughout their lives.

Destructive Habits

Their teeth are kept sharp by grinding the incisors against one another by their constant gnawing.

Unsanitary Droppings

Rodents spread diseases, such as Hanta virus and Salmonellosis (acute food poisoning).

Food Contamination

Rodents spoil TONS of food by contaminating it with their urine, feces and fur.

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