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Core aeration is the process where a mechanical aerator pulls out cores (or plugs) of soil and thatch about ½” wide and 3″ long across your whole lawn. This lets moisture, nutrients and oxygen reach your turf’s roots more easily. Aeration also helps to break up the thatch layer (which can block water and nutrients and provide a home for insects and disease if it gets too thick). The cores that the aerator pulls out will quickly decompose back into your yard, keeping your grass from losing nutrients and helping to break down thatch even more.

1 Month Later

1 Month Later

Lawn Renovation



In this process, we will very aggressively aerate your lawn making multiple passes in order to expose as much soil as possible. We will then overseed your lawn with a specially formulated seed that has been custom-blended for your lawn’s specific needs. We use only premium-grade perennial grass seed selected for durability and beauty in our climate. Once complete we will turn the soil with a rake in order to improve the seed to soil contact and then fertilize the lawn with starter fertilizer which will give the newly planted seeds the best opportunity to thrive.


Soil pH is a measure of the soil’s acidity and is a primary factor in turf growth. When the soil test reveals that the pH is too low, we can raise it with a lime application. This will help to ensure that nutrients most beneficial to the grass plant are at maximum availability, toxic elements are reduced, and beneficial soil organisms are more active.

Soil Testing

The Turf Doctor’s soil testing services are done to provide recommendations that lead to the wise and economical use of soils and soil amendments. Testing includes pH, buffer pH, extractable nutrients (P, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B), extractable heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Ni, Cr), extractable aluminum; cation exchange capacity, and percent base saturation.

Vegetation Management

Tired of pulling weeds? Who isn’t!! With our Vegetation Management Program, The Turf Doctor can provide season-long control of unwanted grasses and weeds in various locations throughout your property. This program is perfect for mulch beds, crushed stone walkways driveways or borders, cracks in asphalt and concrete, ditches, steep embankments, fence lines, patios, and sidewalks.

Poison Ivy Control

Eliminate this highly allergenic weed from your property! We have a proven program to kill this invasive plant.

Season-Long Grub Protection

The Turf Doctor’s one application per year of preventive grub control applied prior to grub activity has been proven 95% effective in controlling grubs before they have a chance to feed on the root system and attract skunks and other wildlife to destroy your lawn.

Disease Control

The Turf Doctor provides site-specific treatment of lawn diseases using fungicides. This suppresses or slows down fungal growth, and can prevent fungus from reproducing. Typical lawn diseases found in Maine are red thread/pink patch, dollar spot, leaf spot, brown patch, necrotic ring spot, snow mold and rust.

Mole Control

Contrary to popular belief, moles are often present in grub-free lawns. Moles are insectivores, and get the vast majority of their dietary needs from earthworms. These small mammals spend their entire lives below the surface of the ground, tearing up lawns and gardens in an endless quest for food. If you want to rid your lawn of these damaging critters, The Turf Doctor has a program to get the job done.

Goose Control

Do geese make your lawn an unpleasant place to be? The droppings that flocks of geese leave behind will make a lawn simply unusable until the droppings either decompose over time or are painstakingly picked up manually. The Turf Doctor has a solution to humanely and safely drive the flocks away from your property. Call today for a free estimate and evaluation.

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